Dana West Anglers is the new fishing club for DWYC. It is open to all DWYC members, boaters and non-boaters. Our goal is to promote fun fishing experiences for our members through tournaments and other activities. Check out our new website at www.dwycanglers.org

At the close of the Leaderboard year (October 31st), the “Dana West Angler of the Year” will be presented to the Angler with the highest number of points based on his/her Leaderboard postings.

Anglers also compete for “first catch of the year” flags. There are ten “First of the Year” species: Yellowtail, Halibut, Yellowfin, Shark- (Mako or Thresher), White Seabass, Albacore, Dorado, Bluefin, Marlin and Swordfish. The flags are awarded to the first catch reported that are either caught in local waters on a private boat or caught during a club event or club tournament. (Any fish caught on a charter boat must be during a club sanctioned event.)

Dana West Anglers has some friendly competition going this season between our club and DPYC Fishing Club. There are five fishing tourneys scheduled for this season, and our clubs are competing for “Club of the Year,” “Angler of the Year,” and the “Top Boat of the Year.” (A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the top club, we’re talking about some serious bragging rights.)

The Dana West Anglers monthly meetings are currently on hold until the club reopens. All members are welcome!