Alex Gelman, Vice Commodore
Hydee Riggs

Vice Commodore
Membership Chair

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We offer several types of membership. Please refer to our By-laws for additional information.

DWYC is a “have fun getting’ it done” club.  We encourage members to get involved with the club through volunteerism.  Get active with a committee, chair one of our many club events, or help with special community and philanthropic activities such as our Annual Charity Regatta. Sailors, racers, powerboats, cruisers and all of our members share a warm camaraderie. With our casual yet energetic and friendly vibe, DWYC truly offers something for everyone AND all the benefits and reciprocity of a Senior SCYA yacht club.  Ask about our Generations memberships. Boat ownership is not required, however there is a wait-list for those without vessel at this time. There is currently no wait-list if you own a qualifying boat.

Feel free to visit the club, meet the members and find out more about our upcoming activities by attending an Open House. Please complete the form below if you are interested in attending, and we’ll email you a personal invitation:


To join DWYC, “The Best Little Yacht Club on the West Coast”, please download and complete then sign pages 2 and 3 of the Membership Application and return it to the club.


a. A Regular Member shall be a single person of either gender who has reached the minimum age of 21 years, a married couple, or a cohabiting couple. In the case of a married couple or a cohabiting couple, at least one must have already reached the age of 21 years.

b. Entitled to one (1) vote. If in good standing, have the right to vote and hold office.

c. Unmarried dependents under the age of 21 who are residents of the regular member’s household are entitled privileges of the Club as determined by the Board.

d. If you live outside Southern California and have been a member in good standing for the previous year (12 months), you can apply for non-residency status.

a. An Associate Membership is available to persons from twenty-one (21) to thirty-five (35) years of age.

b. The Board determines the initiation fee and dues, which is less than that paid by Regular members. May not hold office or serve on the Board.

c. May convert to Regular Membership at any time, provided a member in good standing. Must convert within 60 days of reaching 35th birthday. Upon conversion, member must pay the balance of the initiation fee, as well as annual dues, paid by Regular Members.

a. A Racing Member is a non-voting Member under the age of thirty-five (35) who desires Regular Membership and who is actively involved in the Club’s yacht racing program.

b. Entitled to all rights and privileges of DWYC, but may not hold office or serve on the Board of Directors.

c. Initiation fee is ½ of the Regular Membership initiation, divided by the number of years eligible for the Racing Membership. Annual dues are ½ of Regular Membership dues while a Racing Member.

d. May convert to Regular Membership at any time, provided a member in good standing. Must convert within 60 days of reaching 35th birthday. Upon conversion, member must pay the balance of the initiation fee, as well as annual dues, paid by Regular Members.

Dues are set annually by the Board of Directors. Please consult the Membership Application for details or contact the Vice Commodore to discuss any questions you may have.

A Non-Resident Membership may be granted to a Member who petitions the Board, in writing, at least one (I) month prior to the membership expiration date, providing that: He/She has been a Regular Member in good standing for the previous year (12 months). His/hers residence is outside the area of Southern California for more than six (6) months in each membership year.
A Senior Membership may be granted by the Board of Directors to a Member who has been a Regular Member in good standing for at least 25 continuous years and who is over the age of

Newer members have many questions about the club.  It is our hope that with this information, newer members will begin to feel comfortable about their club, how it can work for them and how they can volunteer to assist in its operation if they wish to do so.

Dana West Yacht Club is a non-for-profit 501(c)7 corporation. That is different than a “non-profit” 501(c)3 corporation.  The Dana West Youth Sailing Foundation (DWYSF), which flies our DWYC burgee (logo) and while sponsored in part by Dana West Yacht Club, is its own separate 501(c)3.  In part, that permits individuals donating money to the (DWYSF) program to enjoy certain potential tax savings or deductions.

Dana West Yacht Club operates by a Board of Directors who normally act for a term of one or two years, determined by our club’s annual election process.  Elections for the Board of Directors occur in November of each year. To become a member of the Board of Directors, an individual must have been a member of the Club for 12 months (one year) in good standing.

After each annual election the Board, as with other corporations, appoints officers and in our case, also appoints a Commodore who acts as the senior officer for the following year.  Below the Commodore is the Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore.  All three Commodores are considered senior Flag Officers”, and have certain responsibilities such as being in charge of membership, operations, Ship Store, etc.  The Board of Directors along with appointed officers then vote and carry on the business of the Club.

Below the three Commodores there exist “Junior Flag” officers.  A Port Captain is appointed whose responsibilities include all events taking place “at Port” or at the club.  A Fleet Captain is appointed whose responsibilities include all events that take place “out of port”, or away from the Club, such as our many cruises to various reciprocating yacht clubs, or other planned destinations. A Judge Advocate is appointed who, while not having a vote in matters other than as a general member, provides requested advice to the Board of Directors.  Lastly, a treasurer is appointed who carries on the financial business of the Club. The Treasurer also has no vote on the Board of Directors.

Dana West Yacht Club maintains within it other groups such as a Racing group, for which a Race Chairman is appointed.  There is also a fishing group called the “Rod Busters”. In addition, the Board of Directors approve several committees which act to perform specific tasks within the club, all subject to the approval of the Commodores and ultimately the Board of Directors.  These committees include a “Food and Beverage Committee” which assists by performing tasks with the kitchen and bar, the Membership Committee, the Marketing Committee, Budget Committee, and other more specific Committees such as Grievance, Nominating, etc.

The Club welcomes members who wish to volunteer to serve on these Committees.  Without volunteers, this Club would not operate effectively. The Club has within it many special interest groups for members who wish to race, fish, cruise (by sea or as a “landlubber”, by land), and others.  A list of the Committees is posted on our Club Operations” board, as is a general accounting of the Club’s finances.

At Dana West Yacht Club, we hold volunteerism as one of our most esteemed characteristics.  We ask everyone and anyone interested in volunteering either for a committee or wishing to be elected or appointed to one of the jobs above to contact one of the Flag Officers and express your interest.

In addition to the above, our Club has an organization called the “Islanders”.  This is a woman auxiliary organization that organizes and hosts many fine events for the benefit of the Club. Every female DWYC member is automatically an “Islander”, and may contact one of the Islanders’ Directors if they wish to volunteer to help with any Islanders activities

All in all, it is hoped that this provides you some information on how your Club works.  It is a volunteer Club.  It works only with YOUR help, your guidance, and your active participation.  Become an active part of your Club.  Join committees.  Volunteer to help.  Make friends.  Become part of our crew.  Learn to sail. Sign up for a race, etc.

For any questions, please contact one of your officers.  Their pictures and the pictures of prior Commodores are posted on the wall.  These are all people who have had the same questions as you have at one time or another.