At our November Board meeting, the results of the our 2021 Board of Directors elections were presented.  With three director seats to be filled, the following candidates received the necessary votes. Congratulations to:

Bruce Belanger (2 year term)

Rich Blanco (2 year term)

Megan Noyes (2 year term)

Megan Noyes accepted the position as Fleet Captain and promptly resigned her new position as director.  Leigh Ann Pack accepted the appointment of Director for two years vacated by Megan Noyes’ promotion. 

The 2021 Senior Flag officers were nominated and accepted:

Hydee Riggs – Commodore

Molly Dearing – Vice Commodore

Nina McNeely – Rear Commodore

With your collaborative leadership team spirit and support of our best long honored traditions, 2021 promises to be a great year!  Once again, congratulations and many thanks to all!