Dana West Yacht Club

June 13, June 20, July 25, 2020

Sailing Instructions


1.            RULES

1.1          This Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

1.2          The prescriptions of US Sailing and the PHRF class rules will apply.

1.3          This regatta is classified as a Near Shore Category race and all boats shall comply with the standard equipment requirements of that category.  This series is restricted to Category A advertising in accordance with RRS Regulation 20.

1.4          Crews are restricted class. One man, one woman for the Jack and Jill Class.

1.5          Spinnakers, gennakers, bloopers, double head sail or other free-flying headsails are not allowed.  Mizzen staysails may not be used.

1.6          Rules 44.1 and 44.2 are changed so that only one turn, including one tack and one gybe, are required.

2.            ENTRY

2.1          All entrants should complete an Entry Form and submit it along with a current PHRF certificate, if available, to the DWYC Race Committee by 0930 hours, prior to race day June 13, June 20, or July 25 2020 before becoming official competitors eligible for trophies. 


3.1          There will be a Competitor’s Meeting at 0930 hours Saturday, June 13, 2020 at the DWYC clubhouse.  Questions concerning the conduct of the Regatta must be addressed during that meeting and will be answered by the DWYC Race Committee.  Additional Competitor’s Meetings may be scheduled for subsequent races, if needed.


4.1          Notices to Competitors and changes to Sailing Instructions will be posted in the window adjacent to the front door of DWYC.

4.2          Changes to Sailing Instructions will be posted outside the front door of DWYC no later than 1000 hours or 30 minutes after the Competitors Meeting, whichever is later on the day they are to take effect.  Additional changes may be made on the water.  In this case, code flag Lima will be displayed from the Committee Boat.


5.1          Signals made ashore will be flown from the flag staff at the club. 

5.2          When flag AP is displayed ashore, the time for the first warning signal of the day will be no less than one hour after the AP flag is lowered.

6.            SCHEDULE OF RACES

  • Dates of Racing:  June 13, June 20 and July 25.

6.2          There are two (2) races scheduled for the day. Both races will be conducted, weather permitting.

6.3         The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race will be at 11:55 hours.

6.4          The warning signal for the second race of the day, if one is scheduled, will be as soon as possible after the completion of the previous race.


7.1          Using the base random leg rating PHRF Regular, PHRF Corinthian. A boat with no rating by PHRF will be assigned by the Organizing Authority. The fleet will be divided into appropriate classes. No other rating adjustments are authorized for use in assigning competitors to classes or in scoring.

7.2          The class assignments and starting order will be announced at the Competitors’ Meeting paragraph 3.1.

7.3          Class flags will be white rectangles with the class designations (A, B, C) on them.


8.1          The starting area for the races will be as described on the Dana Point Race Chart v. 07.1.  This Chart is available on the DWYC Race Page and on the DWYC Race Board.  

8.2          No later than the Warning Signal, the course will be indicated on a white board displayed on the race committee boat for each race.  The courses will be selected those shown on Dana Point Race Chart v.07.1.  Competitors are responsible for having a copy of this race chart.

8.3          If the race committee intends to start another race on the same day, it will display the Second Substitute (with no sound) while boats are finishing.

9.            MARKS

9.1          The Starting and Finish marks shall be an orange inflatable tetrahedron.

9.2          All course marks will be a described on Dana Point Race Chart v.07.1. 

10.          CHECKING IN

10.1        Before the Warning Signal of the first race each day, each boat shall sail past the stern of the Race Committee boat when it is anchored on station in the starting area with code flag “L” being displayed and hail its sail number until acknowledged by the Race Committee.  A boat failing to check in as described will receive a scoring penalty of a two (2) point addition to their finishing position for their first race of that day.

11.          THE START

11.1        The starting line location will be as described on Dana Point Race Chart v.07.1.

11.2        Races will be started in accordance with RRS 26.  A heads up signal (several short horn blasts) may be given approximately 1 minute before the warning signal of each race.

11.3        The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on or near the Race Committee boat and the port end starting mark (described in SI 9.1).

11.4        All boats shall stay clear of the Start/Finish line while other classes are starting.

11.5        A Race Committee mark set boat, if stationed at the port end of the line, is authorized to identify boats which have broken RRS 29.1.

11.6        The start line is not restricted.

12.          RECALLS

12.1        Individual Recalls will be signaled in accordance with RRS 29.1. 

12.2        General Recalls will be signaled in accordance with RRS 29.2.

13.          THE FINISH

  1. The finishing line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on or near the Race Committee boat and a tetrahedron on the other end of the line.

14.          TIME LIMIT

14.1        Boats still racing but not finished 40 minutes after the first boat in their class has finished will be scored DNF.  This changes RRS 35.


15.1        A boat, which has checked in and subsequently retires from a race prior to finishing, shall notify the Race Committee and obtain their acknowledgment before leaving the race course area by coming within hail or making contact on VHF Channel 68 as soon as possible.

16.          SCORING

16.1        The Low Point Scoring System, RRS Appendix A4, will be used, modified as follows: DNC, DNS and DSQ will be scored as number of starting boats plus 1, DNF will be scored as the number of starting boats.

16.2        Boats will be scored using PHRF base rating.

16.3        The Jack and Jill is a series race, there will be 2 throw outs allowed for the overall results.

17.          PROTESTS

17.1        All protests and requests for redress must conform to RRS Part 5 Section A.

17.2        Boats intending to protest shall notify the Race Committee boat of their intent to protest and obtain their acknowledgement after finishing, and before leaving the area.

17.3        Each race day, protests shall be written on forms available at the clubhouse and delivered to the Race Committee or Jury representative within 45 minutes after the Race Committee boat docks, the protest time limit.  The race committee boat docking time will be posted in the window adjacent to the front door of DWYC.

17.4        Parties to a protest will be posted in the window adjacent to the front door of DWYC on race day within 30 minutes of the end of the Protest Time Limit.  This posting constitutes the notification required in RRS 61.1(b) and 63.2.  Protests will be heard as soon as possible after the Protest Time Limit.  Parties to a protest shall be present at that time.

17.5        The jury will attempt to hear protests in the order of receipt.  Protests will be heard as soon as possible after the protest time limit.

18.          TROPHIES

18.1        Individual race winners will be announced each racing day after racing and resolution of all protests at DWYC.  The timing of the presentation will be at approximately 1600

Rod Woods and Michael Tatich

2020 Race Committee Co-Chairs


rodw330@gmail.com                   tatichm1@gmail.com

(714) 330-4618                            (949) 289-1725