Amended & Approved 05-28-2020

[1]      MEMBERS:

  • You and your spouse or co-member (if/as applies) represents a single membership. Per the By Laws, this includes unmarried dependents of a Regular Member who are residents of the Regular Member’s household, who have not yet reached the age of 21 years.
  • Due to COVID-19 Guidelines, guest privileges are temporarily revoked until occupancy restrictions are lifted by government agencies.
  • Seating at the bar is temporarily restricted for the protection of members and staff per the COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • The Officer of the Deck will seat your party upon arrival to a table for no more than eight (8) members.
  • Members are asked to limit their time to 90-minutes per visit during peak hours when seating is filled. The Officer of the Deck will advise you it’s time to sanitize the table for the next guest(s).
  • Please wait in the parking lot or car for your entire party to arrive, and then proceed to the front entrance ramp to wait our turn to be seated. Only one (1) person shall approach the OD to check in and they will return to gather the rest of the party once OD is ready to show you to your assigned table.
  • All members will need to show their membership card upon entering and will be recorded per the guidelines.
  • Please wear a face covering at all times except when at table while eating/drinking.
  • All members respect the health and safety of other members and staff by adhering to 6’ social distancing at all times except when seated at a table.

[2]     PETS– Pets are not allowed on Club Facilities at any times without permission.

[3]     CHILDREN – All Children of all ages are to be seated with their parents and be supervised by an adult at all times. 

[4]     CONDUCT:

  • DWYC reserves the right to refuse or limit service to anyone for any reason at any time.  DWYC further reserves the right to take any reasonable action to enforce these and other applicable rules or laws.
  • No tank tops for men, or bathing suits are permitted at the club after 5:00pm.  Bare feet and wet bathing suits are not permitted in the club at any time.
  • No conduct shall be permitted, which unreasonably interferes with the quiet enjoyment by members or guests or interferes with normal operations of the club, to include but not be limited to vulgarity, abusive language, combative behavior, fighting, yelling, inappropriate attire.

[5]      ALCOHOL (ABC):

No alcoholic beverages (NO beverages) purchased in the club are allowed beyond the front door or beyond the back doors of the rear patio at any time, except as provided by the temporary suspension of enforcement of specific prohibitions by the ABC.  No open alcoholic beverages originating from outside the club may be brought onto the club premises.

[6]      GUEST DOCK

The primary use of the guest dock is for visiting cruisers from other clubs.  The guest dock is available for use to DWYC members on a limited, first come-first serve basis, with approval of the Dock Master.  Any DWYC member granted the privilege of using the dock must be available to contact and be prepared to depart immediately if requested to do so by the Dock Master.

[7]     RECIPROCALS – Reciprocal hospitality is temporarily revoked until occupancy restrictions are lifted by government agencies.