The weather is warming up to beautiful blue skies and puffy clouds. Catalina Island is so green from a decent rainy season, and the water is yearning to make way for a hull to chop through the current and swells. Dana Point is not only calling my name, she’s screaming, “COME OUT AND PLAY!”

Story has it that we’re getting very close to moving into Phase Two of the “Stay Home” order. Restaurants should be able to kick curbside pick-ups to the curb and welcome patrons to break bread around their spread-out tables. We’re speculating a 50% allowable occupancy for restaurants and bar, which includes DWYC. That creates challenges beyond checking temperatures and installing acrylic shields for the safety of our staff and members. But that’s ok. We’ll be able to cross the threshold again!

Coming back to the club or leaving your home does not mean that the virus is no longer a threat! You can still come in contact with someone that has COVID-19, and this will not change for a very long time. Therefore you should continue to STAY HOME if:

  • You are at high-risk due to age and/or underlying health conditions
  • Uncomfortable being in small groups of 6 to 10 people
  • Uncomfortable with someone walking passed you on their way to or from the restroom, front door or their seat
  • You feel sick or have a higher than normal temperature

Please be patient with us as we prepare the club for business. There are several days of work needed once the staff returns to work. We will also need to finalize our opening plan once the details are known.

I’ll post updates as we obtain more information and will share the “House Rules” that will be a dynamic guideline as we transition through the pandemic phases.

As always, stay safe and healthy!