For those who don’t already know…this little yacht club does not just run itself. Our management and related positions are all volunteers and we are looking for a few good leaders to join our team. As the year winds down, we need to fill some of the most important roles in the club.  We ask that you review the below opportunities and let us know if your own skills and spirit will improve our team!


Members of our Board of Directors are responsible for being a part of the governing body of the club. Directors hold a fiduciary duty to the membership and are expected to review, understand and approve the club financials and vote on important measures presented to the Board.  Directors are expected to attend meetings once a month as well as participate in committees that address various issues involved in running the club. Past Directors have come from all manners of careers and the most successful have the ability to use common sense and a commitment to making this little yacht club the best that it can be. Directors are the only position of the club where the general membership votes you in (unless an appointment is made to an open position outside of an election). Director terms last one to two years depending on the vacancy being filled. To move up through the Flag Officers, a candidate must have been first elected at some point as a Director.


The Fleet Captain is responsible for watching out over our fleet and planning and executing our cruising season at the club.  Fleet Captains are appointed by the vote of the Board of Directors and also serve in the capacity of a Director. Fleet Captains are expected to attend once monthly Board meetings and put the time in to plan and participate in our cruising season (other volunteers often assist in planning individual cruises). Interpersonal skills are necessary as you will have direct contact with other members and other clubs. Fleet Captain is an excellent way to meet other members and utilize your boating skills. Fleet Captains serve for one-year.


The Port Captain is responsible for watching out over the port events at the club.  If you have ever attended one of our parties or events, you have likely seen first-hand the work of the Port Captain. Like Fleet, Port Captains are appointed by the Board and serve as a member of the Board.  As a Port Captain you will be expected to attend monthly Board meetings and schedule and plan parties and other events. Like Fleet, the Port Captain will seek out and implement other volunteers to assist and help plan and execute events. Experience and desire in planning and event organizing are all great attributes for a Port Captain to possess. Port Captain is another excellent way to meet others in the club and enhance your enduring experience at DWYC.  Port Captains serve a one-year term.


The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing over the financials of the club and presenting monthly financial reports to the Board.  The Treasurer is a member of the Finance Committee which is responsible for the budgeting and planning that keeps our club running smoothly with money in the bank for a rainy day. Treasurers are appointed by the Board, but do not serve as a Board member (although attendance at monthly Board meetings is required). Our Treasurers generally have a financial and accounting background, but this is not an absolute requirement. Treasurers also serve a one-year term, but often hang around much longer!    

If you are interested in filling any position please feel free to contact any of our Nominating Committee Members, Commodore Tamara Tatich; Vice Commodore Hydee Riggs; Rear Commodore Molly Dearing; Port Captain Nina McNeely; or Director Brendon Dalrymple. Each of us are willing to give you our insight as to these very important positions that are necessary to make sure our club remains the Best Little Yacht Club in the West! Director applications are available on the table as you enter the club or you can download the form below by right-clicking the document, selecting “save image as” and naming the document on your computer.

Click HERE to download the Candidate Form in a Word Doc